The Pumping Station

This guide provides a basic understanding of pumping stations, their design, challenges, impact of pump breakdowns, and types. We explore their maintenance and monitoring, as well as SEEPEX innovative pumping solutions. 


Pump stations are vital for water supply, sewage or wastewater treatment, and flood control. They transfer liquids from one point to another, often across long or elevated distances. In municipal systems, they transfer water from reservoirs to homes and sewage from lower or distant areas to processing plants. They can be particularly beneficial for locations not connected to main sewer lines. 


Types of Pumping Station 

  • Sewage Pump Stations. 

  • Surface Water Pump Stations. 

  • Final Effluent Pump Stations. 

  • Package Pump Stations. 

  •  Storm Pump Stations. 

  •  Dry-Well Pump Stations. 

  •  Adoptable Pump Stations. 

  • Wet-Well Pump Stations. 


Typical Pumping Station Layout