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Comprehensive Guide to Progressive Cavity Pumps

Our guide offers an in-depth look at progressive cavity pumps, their design, and unique capabilities. We explore their applications across industries, benefits, and working principles. Discover SEEPEX’s high-quality pump technology and its role in optimising pumping operations.



Progressive cavity pumps, also known as eccentric screw pumps, PC pumps or cavity pumps, are a type of rotary positive displacement pump widely used in various industries due to their unique design and capabilities to handle viscous, aggressive, abrasive, and shear-sensitive fluids. 

As a leading manufacturer, we specialise in providing high-quality progressive cavity pump technology that caters to a wide range of applications. This guide explores the mechanics, applications, and selection process of a progressive cavity pump, providing valuable insights for those looking to optimise their pumping operations. 

What is a Progressive Cavity Pump? 

A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump that transfers fluid through a series of small, fixed-shape, discrete cavities as its rotor turns. This design allows for a consistent flow rate proportional to the rotation rate and minimal shearing of the pumped fluid. 

Advantages of Progressive Cavity Pumps